About Ashton Church

Join Us in Worship

We welcome everyone to join with us in worship.  If you’re new to the area or community, please feel free to check us out and see what we do, what our church is like inside, and meet us.  No matter where you are in your faith journey, we welcome you to join with us.  Our service times alternate between 9:30 and 11:00 am on Sundays.  Check this week’s service time at the page.

If you’re interested in our search for a regular minister, you can read information about this on our About our Minister page.

About Us

Ashton United Church is located in Ashton, Ontario just inside the Township of Beckwith. The exact date of the start of the Ashton Congregation is under investigation.  It was very early for the area.

We are half of the Ashton-Munster Pastoral Charge with our sister church, Munster United.

Our mailing address is Ashton United Church, 105 Old Mill Road, Ashton, ON, K0A 1B0.  We are located at the intersection of Flewellyn Road and Ashton Station Road, across Ashton Station Road from the Ashton General Store.

The church office for the Pastoral Charge is located in Munster at the church.  The telephone number or the office is 613 838-3047.  Note that the office is not staffed full time.  The answering machine is checked regularly.

Our Contact Us pages offer the choice of sending an email message to a contact at Munster United Church, a contact from Ashton United Church, the minister, and the webmaster.

We operate with the traditional United Church administrative structure of Elders, and Stewards and Trustees.  The two groups meet regularly to deal with day-to-day activities and planning future events.

We worship Sunday mornings.  Our service time alternates weekly (with Munster United Church) between 9:30 and 11:00 am.  Becoming used to alternating times is not difficult.  Once one is accustomed to the alternating times, it becomes second nature.  To make it easier to know times and to help one not have to write them down, they are conviently located on our Worship Page in the What’s On menu.  Use this Link or the shortcut on the right side of this page.

You’ll find a brief history of our church and congregation on our Ashton Church History page.  Another history article can be found here.