Munster Church Activities

Spring Bake Sale

Munster United Church is holding a Bake Sale on Saturday May 4, 2024. From 9:00 until Noon, take home baking for now or to have on hand for company.

Centre 507

We are collecting items for Centre 507 in Downtown Ottawa, to help those who are in need.   Personal items such as soap, tooth paste and tooth brushes are always appreciated. The centre serves a large quantity of coffee and tea each day and they appreciate our donations. Sugar cubes are easier to measure than granulated sugar. If you are able to help, you may bring items to a service any Sunday.  They will be delivered downtown.

Richmond – Munster Food Bank:

Munster Church continues to support the Food Bank. We are now collecting food donations each Sunday.  As an indication of the expanding need for help from the Food Bank, it is now called the Richmond-Munster Food Bank.

Publications Available

“Waymarks and Guideposts” is a fascinating history of the churches and congregations which came to form the Ashton-Munster Pastoral Charge.  It was compiled by Dorothy Lewis and is available from Irma Willoughby of Ashton United Church.  It contains mention of many local families and names.

Two books were published this (2012) fall. The first is “Historic Churches of the Ottawa Valley” by Alan Bentley.  These are available at Munster United Church.  The price is $25, with $10 of that going to Munster Church.

The other publication is “The Early Ministers” talks about the early ministers around the time of the start of the Munster congregation serving the early community and the church in Munster.

Fund Raising

Munster Church undertakes several fund raising activities and events each year to augment income from offerings and to allow us to undertake programs beyond the basics. Some run on an ongoing basis and are operated by a small group of dedicated people. For example, we have been selling Loblaws Gift Cards for years and the program provides a good return to the Local Fund of Munster Church to support regular programs and special undertakings. Other activities, such as suppers, take place a few times each year and require volunteers.

Loblaws/National Grocers Gift Cards

Simply stated, your church buys gift cards at a discount and sells them to supporters (you) who use the gift cards the same as you spend money. The church earns the difference. The cards are equivalent to cash at Loblaws in Ontario and Quebec), Real Canadian Superstore, Your Independent Grocer, and valu-mart stores. In addition, they can be used at Zehrs, No Frills, Fortinos, Extra Foods, Loblaws Superstore, Provigo, Maxi, Maxi & Co, Atlantic Superstore, and the Real Canadian Wholesale Clubs locally and across the country.

The cards are a convenient way for you to shop because as you spend a portion of the card at a store, their system keeps track of your card balance and that balance is available for your next purchase. No need to carry cheques or cash and have to fumble with or keep track of change. The gift cards come in denominations of $50, $100, and $250.  This allows you to purchase the exact amount you need weekly, every two weeks, monthly, or when is convenient. The cards are pre-activated and a per Ontario law, carry no expiration date. Through your generous support, this program has been a resounding success and we thank you for your loyalty for making it so productive.

For information contact Pat Lindsey.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

March of 2007 saw the congregation vote to undertake support of Fair Trade Organic coffee. Since then, we have been selling these products and have been using them ourselves for church activities.  The program benefits more than one million farmers and farm workers in 58 developing countries and these numbers are increasing.  We have your preferred type and flavour of coffee.  Check our prices against other Fair Trade suppliers and we know you will be impressed.

Fair Trade principles include:

– democratic and transparent organizations,
– community development,
– environmental sustainability,
– fair prices,
– fair labour conditions, and
– direct trade.

We offer a variety of coffee types. You can choose from ground coffee or beans and regular, decaffeinated, or flavoured.

For current pricing, contact Pat Lindsey.

You can place an order with Pat Lindsey at church, by email, or by telephone.  We try our best to have stock on hand.  You can send Pat an email with your order or requesting information.  If you wish to send an email message directly to Pat, send it to muccoffee at gmail dot com. You will need to provide the appropriate character substitutions in the gmail string to send your message successfully. Your order will be received by Pat  and she will reply with the status of your request.  Alternately, you can send a message through this site using the Contact Us > Contact Munster UC page.  Fair Trade messages will be forwarded to Pat.

We look forward to having you join the Fair Trade Organic supporters and to serving your taste and needs.

Fair Trade Coffee

Colour Prints of Munster United Church

Whether you are a collector of works of local artist Ben Babelowsky, enjoy colour prints of local architecture, a collector of church prints, looking for a special Christmas, wedding, birthday, or baptism gift, or you want something to enjoy looking at on your wall, you will want one of our Munster church prints. They are a limited edition, numbered colour print by local artist Ben Babelowsky and measure approximately 18 inches by 13 inches. They are an attractive addition to any wall and capture a winter moment. In the front right is the old school house, later the Orange Lodge in Munster, then the tea house, then pub, and now “at the School House”.

The price is $30 each. You choose the framing to suit your location and placement or the intended recipient. Contact Pat or Keith Lindsey or any member of the Munster Council. There are still prints available.

Church Suppers

Temporarily on Hold due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Several times during the year, Munster Church holds a supper.  We typically hold one in the fall around the time of our church anniversary. Date, time, and food information will appear in the Events section above and in the event summary section at the top right once the times are known. We have served a variety of suppers in the past including beef, ham, beans, spaghetti, and lasagna.  The choice of food type is left to the convenors and is always delicious and appreciated by our supporters.