About Our Minister

While our Search Committee continues its search for a regular minister, we have ministry every Sunday provided by a licensed lay worship leader, lay minister, guest preacher, or ordained minister.  With this arrangement, we enjoy a variety of preachers with different styles and messages.  We have an ordained minister lead our worship on Sundays with communion.  Join with us for worship on Sunday, receive a warm welcome, be part of our congregation in the pews, and hear an interesting message.


We are presently searching for a half time minister.

The Ashton-Munster Pastoral Charge has been declared as having a vacancy.  The Ottawa Presbytery approved our documentation and declared the vacancy. Our search for a candidate in underway.  Our joint congregations meeting decided that the terms of our search would be for a half time ministry.  The Joint Needs Assessment Committee Report has not been updated to show the change to reference half time candidates but it is in effect.

Information about our Pastoral Charge, churches and congregations, needs, hopes, communiites, and more is contained in our Joint Needs Assessment Committee Report.  The report can be downloaded from this page.

If you are interested please apply.  Perhaps your information will become what is presented on this page as our regular minister.

Here is the United Church of Canada vacancy list which includes the listing for our Pastoral Charge.  If you search for “Ashton” or “Munster” you’ll fnd the notice quickly.