Munster – Starts and Ends

In every life there are beginnings and endings and there are different types for all of us.  Should you need us for one of these, we are available and understand your needs.


For a baptism, please contact the minister to make arrangements.  The minister will meet with you and your infant or youth to become more familiar with your family.  This is one way to help make the baptism service less of a surprise for the person being baptized.  It will allow the minister to explain the significance of baptism, vows, and obligations (by the parents and the congregation) and to arrange a time for the baptism.


If you are planning a wedding and would like to be married in the church or are looking for the minister to officiate at yours, please contact the minister, or someone you know in Munster Church who will contact the minister.  If you do not know anyone at Munster Church and would like to inquire about facilities or availability of the church, you can contact Munster United Church.

The minister will arrange several times to meet and discuss your expectations and what arrangements you would like to make.  The minister will provide you with information and contacts (e.g. organist, facilities coordinator for booking the church, Church Women if you desire a reception with food, etc.).


For funerals, typically you contact the minister to make arrangements.  Sometimes it will be a funeral in the church, a funeral and a reception for family and friends, or a service at another location (e.g. funeral home).  You can also contact someone you know at Munster Church and they will either contact the minister or put you in contact with the minister.  If you do not know anyone at Munster Church, you can contact Munster United Church directly.  We are here to help you through in your time of need.