Links and More

We offer Links to other resources which might be of interest to you.

Also, we have a humour page which is updated periodically with a variety of topics and subjects covered.  What is life without a few chuckles now and again?

A Bible related Quiz Page was created a while back to gauge interest.  If the interest is/was there, the quiz would be updated periodically.  It is also a good way to see how much you know or remember about the Bible.

Finally we offer a page for people who have moved away who would appreciate staying in touch with happenings and we offer Updates.  It will be of primary interest to flks who moved away from Munster.  It includes some information about a few Ashton United Church members.  The information is about people you might have known who have passed away.  It is a small way for you to keep in touch and up-to-date.  The page is password protected in consideration of the families who have lost loved ones.  If you would like to obtain the password, Send a Message to the Webmaster and request it.