Ashton Church Activities


On alternate Tuesday mornings,  Aston United Church welcomes you for a community breakfast serving a variety of foods, desserts, coffee and tea.  Music is supplied by Dave Brown & Friends once a month.

Upcoming dates

April 23

May 7

May 21

June 4


Summer Break

September 10


Ashton United Church has weekly worship with service times alternating with Munster.  Watch the sign in front of the church. Sunday School happens for the young ones who stay upstairs for the first part of the service.

Support for the Food Bank

Most times of the year are when the needs of our local Food Bank are the greatest.  Many Food Bank recipients are forced to spend more of their budget for supporting their children and/or utilities.  We encourage you to keep your donations for the Food Bank coming because together we make a difference in our own backyard.  As there are special occasions and holidays during the year, we can make an extra, special effort to donate a little extra to help make these holiday times very meaningful for those who depend on the Food Bank.

Outreach Projects

The members of Ashton United Church are active with outreach and support to others in the community.  We have a different project each months to try to cover many of those in need.  These are the projects for this year.  If you can help out with any one, we look forward to seeing you.

March – March of Dimes and Do it for Daron – Spagetti Supper and Hockey Game

A great collection of stuffed animals donated by members of the congregation. They were donated to the police to be used to give to kids when involved in an accident.

A great collection of stuffed animals donated by members of the congregation.
They were donated to the police to be used to give to kids when involved in an accident.

Ongoing Activities

Helping Centre 507

Centre 507 need our help again, so the Ashton U.C.W. is collecting donations. Please help them out with their wish list by giving the following items.
Clothing – new or gently used men’s pants, coats, shirts, hats, scarves, mitts, new long underwear, and socks.
Meal Supplements – Ensure or Boost
Food – peanut butter, soups, canned sandwich fillings, coffee, whitener, sugar, candies, etc.
Personal Hygiene Supplies – deodorant, shampoo, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, disposable razors, shaving cream, etc.
Financial Contributions – payable to Centre 507.


Ashton Church undertakes several fundraising activities and events each year to augment income from offerings and to allow us to undertake programs beyond the basics. Some run on an ongoing basis and are operated by a small group of dedicated people. For example, we have been selling Grocery Store Gift Cards for years and the program provides a good return to the Local Fund of Ashton Church to support regular programs and special undertakings. Other activities, such as suppers, yard sales, and Music in the Village also contribute to support church operations.


Fair Trade Coffee

If you are looking to purchase Fair Trade coffee, please contact Pat Lindsey at Munster United Church.  You can call her or send a message to Munster United Church using the Contact Munster UC menu item under Contact Us.


“Waymarks and Guideposts” is a fascinating history of the churches and congregations which came to form the Ashton-Munster Pastoral Charge.  It was compiled by Dorothy Lewis and is available from Irma Willoughby of Ashton United Church.  It contains mention of many local families and names.