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We present a sample of several songs from selected performances in recent years. These include the adult choir, the JJs, and a mixed choir composed of mostly GJS adults and local singers who joined us for our Europe 2016 tour.


Spring Show – May 2017

May 2017 was the 40th anniversary of the Goulbourn Jubilee Singers.  With great advance foresight and planning we commissioned several new pieces of music.  The first video below is the adult choir with guest choir Command Performance from Picton, ON singing on stage for the first time “Sleep Softly, Spirit of Earth” by James Wright.  It was an exciting moment to be performing a newly commissioned and completed piece of music for our audience.  It was equally exciting to be performing with Command Performance and with Greg Garrett, the director of Command Performance, directing Sleep Softly, Spirit of Earth.


The adult choir was not the only one with a newly commissioned piece of music to perform.  The JJs performed “Music Makers” as arranged by Laura Hawley.


Another new piece of music performed in our May show was “Gathered Strong” arranged by Stephen Eisenhauer. The adult choir performed this piece.



Europe Tour – July 2016

In July 2016, most of the Goulbourn Jubilee Singers along with several other local singers took part in an eight day trip to Salzburg and Prague to sing for a variety of audiences. In Prague, we performed a concert with Cantarina, a local women’s choir, at St. Martin’s Church in the Wall. At times the portable recorder clipped some of the audio peaks.
Here we present several samples from those days for your enjoyment.


Our first performance in Salzburg was at the Mozarteum. The hall was beautifully decorated. We sang a number of songs to the great appreciation of our audience. Our tour guide translated for us to ensure our opening remarks for songs were understood. We performed a Canadian program. The first video we have is of us singing “All the Little Rivers of Canada”.

Members of the Goulbourn Jubilee Singers augmented with interested singers who took part in the Europe trip to Salzburg and Prague in May 2016, sang the Mi’qmak Song in the Mozarteum. The song involves sounds of a number of different animals sounds inserted in the song. The ending of this performance was a first for us when the last sound – that of a wolf – was made. As it was a hot evening, the windows were open. From outside several dogs responded to the ending wolf howl to add a huge surprise to the ending.


  Salzburg Cathedral

We had the honour to sing at the Sunday morning church service in Salzburg. We sang with two other choirs, the Hastings & Prince Edward Country Regional Chorus (also from Canda), and the Cathedral Choir. We were accompanied by a small orchestra. The three choirs joined to sing the Missa as part of the Mass. We also sang two movements of Handel’s Coronation Anthem. Linda Crawford, our Director, conducted us in the second movement as well as Mozart’s “Ave Verum.” It was very special for each singer and words could not begin to describe it.

Gloria in Excelsis by the massed choirs at the church service in Salzburg Cathedral.

  St. Martin’s Church in the Wall, Prague

The performance at St. Martin’s Church in the Wall, Prague involved two choirs – Cantarina, a local women’s choir performed one half of the program and the Goulbourn Jubilee Singers the other half. At times the portable recorder clipped recording some of the audio peaks.

All the Little Rivers. Part of the Canadian repertoire we sang at the performance at St. Martin’s Church in the Wall, Prague.

Frobisher Bay and Northwest Passage sung as part of the performance at St. Martin’s Church in the Wall, Prague.

Notre Pere. From the concert at St. Martin’s Church in the Wall, Prague.




Big Screen – Little Screen Spring Show, 2-3 May 2015

The Goulbourn Jubilee Singers, JJs, and GJS Teens gave great dedication to rehearsing all songs for this show. It featured music and songs from movies and televison shows.

Down to the River to Pray, from O Brother, Where Art Thou?, sung by the massed choirs of GJS.

Pink Panther, from the Pink Panther, sung by the GJS Teens.

The Dawn Will Come, from Dragon Age: Inquisition, sung by the GJS JJs featuring a solo by Alex Shepard.

TV, EH a medley by the adults of the GJS and featuring a recorder solo by Bryn Burnell.

When You Wish Upon a Star, from Pinocchio and Walt Disney TV, sung by the adult choir GJS featuring a solo by Dwayne Clipperton.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me, from Toy Story, sung by the youth of the GJS JJs.



Spring Concert May 2011

The Goulbourn Jubilee Singers and the GJS Junior Jubilees (JJs) performed at a concert on 7 May 2011. There were songs by the JJs, the adults, and massed choir songs. It was a memorable concert. The Lion Sleeps Tonight featured a solo by Dwayne Clipperton and the men did some movements, much to the delight of the audience.
Amazing Grace sung by the adult choir Goulbourn Jubilee Singers.

Brahams Lullaby sung by JJs.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the adult choir Goulbourn Jubilee Singers.

Yellow Submarine by the JJs.


Mondial Choral Festival, Laval, QC June 25, 2011

Members of the GJS took part in a choral festival in Laval in the summer of 2011.  It was a wonderful event with many choirs from all around participating.

Our first video for you is of “Laudate Dominum” by Mozart with soprano soloist Sarah Burnell.

The choir also performed “Ave Maria” by De Victoria.